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REMA Affiliate Partnership Program

Passive income is just a couple steps away! 


Join REMA's Affiliate Partnership Program and unlock a world of earning potential within the dynamic real estate industry. With our program, you have the opportunity to tap into the lucrative world of real estate transactions, attracting broker/owners who are ready to sell their business and watching your income soar to new heights.

Here's how REMA's Affiliate Partnership Program works:

1. Attract Broker/Owners: As an affiliate partner, your primary role is to connect with broker/owners who are looking to sell their real estate business;  We are looking for Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Brokers and Title Companies. 

2. Make the Introduction: Once you've identified potential sellers, your role is simple yet critical - introduce them to REMA. Your introduction sets the stage for a seamless and successful transaction.

3. We Take Care of the Rest: At REMA, we understand that navigating the real estate market can be complex. That's where we step in. Our experienced advisors will work closely with your referred broker/owners, providing them with a comprehensive exit strategy tailored to their specific needs. From pricing and marketing to negotiations and closing.

4. Generous Payouts: Your efforts don't go unnoticed. We believe in rewarding our affiliate partners generously. When the deal closes, you can expect a substantial commission for your valuable role in connecting us with clients. Your income potential is directly linked to the success of the transactions you facilitate and final acquisition price.



<$500K ................ 10%

$500K- $2M .......... $9,500.00

$2M- $5M ............. $30,000.00

$5M-$10M ............ $52,000.00

$10M-$20M .......... $75,000.00

$20M+ .................. $97,500.00

5. Building strong relationships is key to success in the real estate industry. By becoming an affiliate partner with REMA, you can leverage your existing network and relationships with people looking to make their exit.

REMA's Affiliate Partnership Program offers you the opportunity to earn in the real estate industry by connecting broker/owners with our expert advisors. It's a win-win situation - you leverage your relationships to help others with their real estate transactions, and in return, you earn when deals are successfully closed. 

Join our program and start earning commissions by promoting REMA to your network of brokers.  Our program offers generous commissions as well as marketing and social media help.
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