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The Story Of REMA Co.

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Over the course of 25 years, I've been deeply involved in the real estate industry, primarily through my real estate marketing company, SMS. Throughout this time, I had the privilege of meeting numerous brokers and owners, which afforded me valuable insights into their challenges, including issues related to their businesses and staff. One prevalent problem I encountered was the difficulty many faced when trying to exit the industry, commonly known as their "exit strategy."

During my career, I gradually became acquainted with various owners seeking to sell their brokerages. Unfortunately, in the early stages, I had limited means to assist them effectively. However, as time progressed, I developed connections with high net worth individuals, title companies, and other brokerage owners who, interestingly enough, were seeking guidance in identifying potential companies for acquisition.

In 2021, I received a significant request for assistance from a broker looking to retire and sell their brokerage. This interaction marked the inception of REMA (Real Estate Mergers and Acquisitions). Although the broker's business was intricate, we diligently worked on the deal, which ultimately took nearly a year to complete. Nonetheless, we succeeded in helping the broker retire, allowing them to spend quality time with their loved ones, especially enjoying memorable cruises throughout the Caribbean.

This experience led to a profound realization of three key factors:
The absence of dedicated M&A companies specializing solely in real estate. While a few notable individuals exist in the field, there was a notable lack of dedicated firms.
By integrating a robust buying network, we could streamline the review, valuation, and completion of deals, significantly reducing the time typically required by conventional M&A companies. However, we remain committed to our founding principle of working for the seller and always prioritizing their best interests.

Guiding brokerage owners through the challenging, emotional, and often protracted process of selling their businesses is crucial. Consequently, supporting these owners necessitates a substantial team of professionals.

Presently, REMA maintains an exclusive focus on real estate businesses. We boast a substantial seller network with access to over $5 billion in capital allocated for mergers and acquisitions. Moreover, we've forged strong partnerships with a significant majority of the nation's real estate companies, guaranteeing convenient access to a REMA advisor. Additionally, our presence extends across various regions of Canada, broadening our scope and facilitating opportunities in the Canadian real estate market.

REMA can assist business owners in assessing their readiness to sell and determining the optimal timing. More importantly, we can help prepare both their business and themselves for the process. Whether meeting in person or through video calls, our advisors are readily available to discuss your exit strategy, no matter where you are located.

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