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What is our RapidValuation™?

One of the things that makes REMA Co. different from other M&A companies is not just the fact that we don’t charge for an initial valuation, it’s that we can deliver a valuation in minutes! That’s right, literally within minutes. It typically takes us about 15 minutes to provide you an initial valuation of your company and we do it together, with you, on a video call so you can see exactly what’s going on.

How does it work? Well, there is definitely some “secret sauce” but we’re more than happy to share the basics. First off, we start with a set of data related to the geography that you’re in, value drivers and the most up-to-date multiples for your area. Then we have a set of our own underlying assumptions based on your agent counts and a few other proprietary calculations.

Together we go through some of your key data points including your annual gross revenue for the past few years. Your operating expenses, any add-backs you may have, any other expense not included in your normal operating expenses, your net income and a few other basic points.

Finally, we ask pertinent questions such as if or how long are you willing to stay with the company you’re selling? And, how much of the revenue do you bring in if you’re a producing broker?

From these calculations we provide you a valuation range so you can wrap your head around whether or not it’s where you want/need to be to start the process of selling your business.

All of our advisors are trained in how to put this together and we do it this way so you have the best idea of what might be on the other end of a deal for you BEFORE you decide to move forward. No waiting days or weeks. No upfront cost. We just feel like that’s the fair way to do things.

Of course our RapidValuation should never be a replacement for a full valuation where we dig deeper into all of your numbers. It will get you 85% of the way there and give you a very solid idea of what you could be looking at. It’s also important to note that every deal is different and your company value vs. buyers’ willingness to pay are always somewhat more art than science. But what I can safely say is that we’ve never been wildly off.

If you want to take the first step just reach out to one of our advisors who’s closest to you.

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