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"What To Do When Deciding To Sell Your Brokerage"

One of the most frequent conversations that we have with brokerage, title company and

mortgage company owners is about how to get started. Many owners have been so focused on

running their business, or worse, just making sure bills and people are paid, and they don’t think

about their business as an asset. At some point you probably thought about your business as

something that had value beyond the day-to-day operation. Something that you could grow and

someday sell and reap the rewards of your hard work. Then reality set in and you spent your

days racing down the track. Not that you ignored the dream, but you had to choose where to

spend your time.

Some owners say that they’re thinking they’d like to slow down and enjoy life but they don’t

even know if they can. They often don’t have as complete a picture of their business as they’d

like and some are even afraid to get that clarity. What if it’s NOT as good a business as I think?

What if it’s NOT worth what I thought or NEED? What if nobody wants it?!

The reality is, you’ll never know unless you start working towards it. Regardless of if you’re

ready to sell, if you’re just thinking about it or you’d like to prepare yourself for any eventuality,

these are some steps that you can take that will help you down the path…whatever that path is.


What to do When Deciding to Sell your Brokerage - 2023
Download PDF • 199KB

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