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Finding a “New Home” for your Real Estate Team 

real estate teams find a home with REMA
real estate teams find a home with REMA

It’s safe to say that competition is fierce amongst brokerages trying to attract the most productive real estate teams. In fact, many companies have announced that they are willing to pay to bring teams over to their organization. If you’re considering a move like this, not only is there the potential to put more money in your pocket and your team’s, but also to open up even greater opportunities for growth. 

However, “valuing” a team is considerably different than valuing a brokerage. That said, much of the value of your real estate team is in your production. This means that it’s the people and the transactions that carry the most weight.  

The things we mainly take into account are the size and productivity of your real estate team, market presence, client base, transaction count, transaction volume and GCI. In addition, things that will also set you apart are your personal brand, your team's efficiency and how you've weathered the downturn. Combined, these things will determine the overall value to another brokerage. 

Here at REMA we specialize in evaluating real estate businesses, and help you find the right culture and dollar amount that makes sense. 

Are you the “Cheers” of the local neighborhood when people are talking about real estate? That solid reputation and brand are attractive qualities to potential buyers to showcase your team's strengths, involvement in the community and overall real estate savvy. 

Efficiency is also a key factor in making your real estate team appealing to potential buyers. Make sure you document and optimize operational processes, leveraging technology where possible. Having a solid CRM for pipeline management and team organization. Your innovation, creativity and handle of your data will set you apart. 

Do you have a succession plan for your real estate team? If you don't, you should. Identify key team members for leadership roles and delegate responsibilities early on this way you have a solid plan for how the team functions .

When negotiating with your next brokerage, REMA becomes an invaluable asset. Our experience in real estate transactions enables effective negotiation, aligning terms such as the purchase price, transition period, and contingencies with your goals. We will price, package and present your portfolio to companies we know are looking for your real estate team! Culture, pay and innovation level are all taken into consideration. 

Moving your real estate team can be a strategic move for financial gain, and partnering with a mergers and acquisitions company like REMA can make the process simple.  Ready to make your next move? Contact a REMA advisor for more details. Contact us.

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